Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dear Logan,

You are about to be 10 years old.

I know you think you aren't a kid anymore, but you are my kid.  I know you hate it when I tell people stories about you, but I want to share the awesomeness that is you with everyone I see.  I know you hate it when I embarass you, but it is one of the perks of having given birth to you.  (Just ask Mawmaw, you haven't even SEEN embarassment yet.)  I want everyone to see how wonderful you are in everything you do, so I will tell the funny stories and I will cheer you on at every baseball, basketball, football game (please no), or band concert or robotics club contest you ever enter. 

I also want to protect you from pain and sadness.  When something or someone hurts you it breaks my heart into a million pieces.  I just want to pull you into my arms and squeeze until the pain goes away.

I know I can't do that because you think you aren't a kid anymore. 

So just know that the extra hug tonight at bedtime was me saying that tomorrow will be better. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My new toy

So my husband loves me.  He really loves me.  And he lets me get basically whatever I want (within reason).  And I told him I would sell my cricut and everything that goes with it if I could buy a Silhouette.  I waited for a coupon code (they are all over the place on a ton of blogs I read) and I bought it!  The angels sang the day I came home and found it on my doorstep.

Of course, I went online as soon as I got it all set up on my laptop and bought a ton of images that I loved.  But my first project was for my son's baseball team.  I decided to make labels for the buckets that are lined up on the back of the dugout that hold the kids gloves and helmets while they are playing games.  Their team is the Hurricanes so I found the logo online and went to work.

There was a little bit of a learning curve, good thing I have lots of ink and paper.

Of course, I couldn't make my first project just a cut project, no, I've got to make things a little difficult and make it a print AND cut.

I finally figured out what I was doing wrong (it had to do with the registration marks) and tada!!

And having to do the same thing 10 times definitely helped me remember the steps.

I'm really excited about making some cute onesies for my niece, I might need to go online and buy some fabric interfacing while it's on sale!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday

Yesterday I finally finished that blue and brown blanket I've been working on for what seems like 2 years.  And I started another one with some yarn that was donated to our church group for hospice blankets. 

This is some old stuff ladies.  Kmart is no longer in business around these parts and the skein has a price tag on it that says $1.27!

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Menu Plan Monday #3

Well last week didn't go so well.  We had some crazy cold weather here in town and that made our schedule all jacked up because my Mom had to pick up the boys a few days last week.  Which means Mom cooked dinner and I didn't get to some of my planned recipes. 

So here's the plan this week:

Monday - Cheesy Chili Mac from Weight Watchers (I'm not sure if this link will show up if you aren't a member) 7pts

Tuesday - Chicken Enchilada Soup 8pts with cheese, 5pts w/o the cheese

Wednesday - Chicken Teriyaki with Broccoli from Weight Watchers.  This one came highly recommended by Becky. 7pts

Thursday - Asian Turkey Broccoli Slaw (I put this in my recipe builder with just chopped broccoli and cabbage, WW doesn't recognize broccoli slaw, and I got 2pts eating them as lettuce wraps, extra for tortillas)

Friday - Fish Tacos from last week we never made. 9pts/2 tacos

Logan has started writing tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays so those will be the tricky days because it's hard for us to get right home when we are leaving MawMaw's house.  :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Superbowl Sunday

We have a big party to go to on Superbowl.  I usually drink too many margaritas and snack on too many delicious snacks. 

These are what I'm bringing to the party.

I have a feeling my diet is screwed this week.  But I'm just gonna have fun Sunday and enjoy being with my friends and watching a game that I have absolutely no interest in...and then start again Monday on plan.  I'm doing really well and I like how things are going.

I haven't been working out like I used to either.  I kind of gave up around the holidays and it is so hard to get started again once you quit.  The thing is that I have this strange urge to start running...and it's been WAY too cold for my TX blood to be running outside.  This week might be the week that I HAVE to do something though to even out the weekend glutony.

Good luck to me!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chicken Stroganoff...and meal plans

So Monday nights dinner was de-lish!

Skinny Chicken Stroganoff from The Pampered Chef.

Please ignore my ugly dishes. =)

The boys approved, they practically licked the bowl.  Logan had 3 bowls!  Jack even ate the mushrooms, even though he didn't know they were in there.  Wahahahaha...I love tricking my kids into eating vegetables.

Tuesday was kind of crazy and we ended up eating dinner at Mom's house, spaghetti, spaghetti tacos for the boys.  Logan ate a taco and a full bowl of spaghetti there.  I think he might be hitting a growth spurt which kind of worries me since he is already only about a foot shorter than me.  I predict a 6th grader that is taller than me in a couple years.

Tonight is Beef Tamale Bake which should be good since there is abnormally cold weather hitting our area.  Snow in Houston=Ridiculous!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Menu Plan Monday #2

Last week went well for our first ever Menu Planned week.  Logan was so excited that he knew exactly what was for dinner every night because I let him help me pick the recipes.

And I lost 2.4lbs. Go Weight Watchers!

Here's the plan for this week.

Monday - Skinny Chicken Stroganoff (7pps)

Tuesday - Blackened Fish Tacos (8pps/2 tacos)

Wednesday - Beef Tamale Bake (7pps)

Thursday - Black Bean Burgers (7pps, 4pps w/o bun, which is how I will probably eat it, buns for the boys)

Friday - Pita Pizzas (about 3pp for 1/2 a pizza)

These are all from The Pampered Chef's "It's Good for You" cookbook. 

And all the points were figured out by me after putting the ingredients in the online recipe builder.  I adapted a few recipes to match some ingredients we had so if you are doing these yourself you might want to build your own recipes.

I love Pampered Chef. And I love Weight Watchers.

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