Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's time for a change

I changed up my blog name and my layout and background. I'm still working on it. I figure I will just start posting my pictures smaller (it's still cutting off the right side) and that will fix that. I mainly wanted to get my full name off my address and get things a little more cohesive.

I am going to "attempt" to get started making cards for sale. A lot of people at work are asking me about it, I've just got to make sure I keep it away from work so I don't get in trouble around here.

I set up an etsy shop a long time ago, basically when I started looking on etsy...but I've never put anything in it. So I'm going to see about getting that started up too.

So stay tuned!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Countdown to a healthier me

So yes, this post is about probably the most famous new year's resolution ever. To lose weight. And please don't go to my archives and notice that I probably made the same resolution last year.

This time I have a goal. It always helps to have a goal right?

We just won a free photo session in the bluebonnets in April from my favorite photographer here in Houston <3 ya Sabrina!

She took our family pics back in September and I had these pics taken.

I love the idea, had the pictures printed and just can't stand to put them on the walls because I look so lumpy in them. So come April I want her to redo these(I'm sure she's excited about that) so I can hang the pics and not feel like I'm hanging a picture of a cow next to my kids.

So April 17th. 15 weeks to lose close to 30 lbs? I know it can technically be done safely (2lbs/week baby!) so we'll see if I can pull it off.

Keep your fingers crossed and a random email/message/FB post/Twitter note to stay away from the sweets is kindly appreciated! I respond well to threats.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Live Nativity and Christmas hayride

Every year our church hosts a Live Nativity play and then a hayride where we drive through the surrounding neighborhoods singing carols and looking at Christmas lights. This year was Jack's first year to be old enough to participate in the Nativity play.

He was so excited about being a Shepherd. Once he got dressed up he was walking around telling everyone, "My name is Jackson, I'm a shepherd." He was so cute!


He has a little bit of a phobia about large animals, dogs, any animal really. So I kept talking to him and telling him that he was going to have to go into the pen with the pigs, goats, chickens, ponies. He said he was okay, he wanted to be a shepherd. So I left Logan in charge of Jack and Peyton and getting them from the inside of the church to the nativity set.

As soon as Peyton saw her Dad she took off for him with Logan chasing behind her dragging her back. So now, they are all walking in line again, and as soon as Jack got to the gate to the pen and saw the animals he stopped dead in his tracks...tripping up the rest of the line behind him. He backed up and started walking away...I had to get up from my seat and stop him. There was no WAY he was going in there with those animals. lol

Maybe next year he'll make it into the pen. :)

Here's some pics from the hayride.



And I just can't decide which group shot is the best...



Monday, December 14, 2009

Working on a new background

I can't find one I like that doesn't chop off my pictures. Maybe I need to post smaller pictures? Please bear with me during the transition.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Monogrammed tote bag purse

I'm linking up to Infarrantly Creative's Pennywise party. I've never done this before so hopefully I'm doing it right!

I've got a ton of nieces and nephews! Unfortunately, I don't see a whole lot of them very often. Mostly just once or twice a year at family get togethers. I've got four girls all around the ages of 5-8. This is what I came up with as a gift for them. They are filled with little tubes of glitter, bath soap, lip gloss and makeup for all the girls.


I used the little quilting blocks of material. (Fat Quarters I think they are called) They were 79 cents each on Black Friday! I used one pattern for the outside and a coordinating pattern on the inside. So they are technically reversible, but the letters are only on the outside. The pattern I found one day while surfing and when I got ready to make them couldn't find the same one again so I just went by memory. They are basically just little tote bag/purses. The letters are felt and are glued on with fabric glue. Ribbon as handles. :)

So each one costs me less than $3, using some ribbon I already had. That's not counting the inside stuff but all that was from the dollar stores.

I can't wait to see their faces. I think they will really like them!

Now to just figure something out for the boys!