Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sleepy Logan

Two in one day! I've got to catch up somehow...

Every weekday morning I get up before the boys, take a shower, get dressed/ready for work, make lunches and then I carpool to work and my friend, Tracey, comes to pick me up. I usually wake Mike and the boys up sometime around making lunches and walking out the door. This morning I woke everyone up then I was just sitting on the couch cause I knew Tracey would be there any second. Logan comes staggering into the living room still half asleep and I asked him what he was doing (i.e., why he wasn't getting dressed or brushing his teeth). He says, "I just wanted to spend some time with you."

Oh my. I'm really lucky to have kids like I do.

They have their moments when they drive me nuts and get in trouble but man can they make up for it.

And yesterday I was making Logan's lunch and decided to put a little "love" note in his cookie bag. When he got home he told me he really liked his note. And then this morning when I was making his lunch again I saw the little note in there still. He took the note out of his baggie and kept it when he threw away everything else. I didn't expect that, I just figured he throw it all away. That makes me feel like it really meant something to him. I'm gonna have to start doing that more often.


Our Weekend.

Friday: I went out with Robyn and some other girls to this place called Howl at the Moon. It was a lot of fun. It's like a dueling piano bar type thing. Not really my sort of place but I trust Robyn's judgement and she said it was great. The singers/players were really fun and we had a good time...that is until our check came. The didn't have my "girl beer" when I first asked so I was drinking crown all night. $7.50 for a crown and diet. I think I really fell off my chair when I saw that. I'm poor and that is a crazy amount. Oh well, my own fault for letting her start a tab and not paying cash(which I had) to begin with. Lesson learned, although I don't think I'll be going back anytime soon just because of the price.

Saturday: Mike and I took Logan and his baseball friend Zach to the batting cages. We got all suited up and Logan hit a few rounds (well, he swung at them at least) but then Zach kind of got freaked out and thought the balls were going to hit him so he didn't want to bat. So Mike and I swung for a few rounds and then we all went to the game room and played video games and a round of putt putt golf. Logan and Zach are two of the sweetest kids. At the end, when the were cashing in their tickets (after walking around the display booth for probably 20 minutes repeatedly asking me "can I get that?") Logan used his tickets to buy two sets of vampire fangs. One for him and one for Zach. Then when he gave them to Zach, he gave Logan his bouncy ball. We are lucky to have such sweet kids and I can only hope that their friends stay as sweet also. (yea right, I know better...but a Mom can dream can't she?)

Saturday night the boys spent the night with my Mom and Dad. Mike and I were planning on going to a cookoff in Pasadena where some friends of ours have a team. About the time we started getting dressed/ready it started POURING rain. And then one of our friends called and said everyone was leaving. Soooo we spent our Saturday night with me falling asleep on the couch around 7:30p and Mike playing video games all night. We are party animals huh?!? lol Oh well. At least I caught up on some sleep...

Friday, January 11, 2008

It's been a while

I got all gung ho on this blog thing and then I haven't done anything in over a week! Sorry. There's been a lot going on in my life, mostly work drama on top of all the usual chaos. I work in a politically charged atmosphere and it really stinks reading about office stuff in the news media. Everyone has an opinion and they are not shy about sharing it. I work with a lot of good people and most of the time I love my job. I think some people have bad judgement but I'm pretty sure we are all guilty of that at some point in our life. I just hope everything works out in the end. Oh well, enough of the cryptic talk if you don't know anything about

Robyn's taking me to some new hot spot in town tonight. Howl at the Moon. It's a dueling piano bar so we'll see how it is. Hopefully I'll have more interesting stuff to talk about soon!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back to normal

Today was Logan's first day back to school. Since he's been out of school for the Christmas holidays our schedule has gotten so mixed up. The boys have been going to bed later and sleeping later (not always a bad thing). Which means that Jack's sleep schedule has been way off. The kid has never been a very good sleeper and I'm sure we haven't helped that by rocking him to sleep every night and bringing him to bed with us. Oh well, he'll get better one day and then we will miss him being little. I can't wait to hear how Logan's first day back was. He always has the most animated stories. We'll see!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A new year and a new outlook...

So of course now that a brand new year is upon us we have to deal with the ever present resolutions. It seems like every year they are always the same and every year they end up getting tossed by the wayside about April...if we're lucky. Hopefully, this year will be different and I'm posting my resolutions here so they are officially noted and I can't renig on them later.

Resolution #1: "Lose weight, get healthy."

This one is very important to me lately because my Dad was recently diagnosed with Diabetes. He is doing awesome (!!) with his diet and with getting healthier and he is getting better at knowing what he can and can't eat. Which is helping him feel better. Since I had Gestational Diabetes when I was pregnant with Jack I am now officially more likely to develop Diabetes as I get older. So I know now is the time for me to lose weight and stay healthy so that I don't develop diabetes and so that I can just generally be a better Mom and wife.

Resolution #2: "Pay off credit card debt and create and stay on a budget."

I bought a program for the computer to set up a budget and to help us stay on track. So I'll be checking in periodically to let you know how we are doing on that.

Resolution #3: "Spend more time with the family and less time watching TV."

During the summer when we were in our biggest money crunch ($50 more in daycare a week will do that) we cut off our cable and internet. During those months we spent more time together in the evening and actually did things together. Now we still don't have internet but we do have cable and we are always seperated and watching different shows.

Just a few things I want to try to work on in the new year...