Thursday, December 27, 2007

I almost forgot!!!

My newest Christmas toy!!! It's called Clip it Up and it's basically like a little spinning rack for all your embellishments, tools, whatever you can clip on it! My room is so clean now...time to make something!


Our Christmas

We had a pretty good Christmas overall. Logan got his GameCube that he asked Santa for...


Jack seemed to get the hang of things and just started ripping paper left and right...


Mike's family came over on Christmas eve and they came with us to see Logan's Christmas program at church. That was nice. I love the C-mas eve service with Silent Night and the candles but we never get to go because we always do Mike's family C-mas on the 24th.


Logan and Jack got to play with their cousins, they don't get to see them much but when they do these boys get crazy!


And Christmas day was nice too cause we had pretty near the whole family at Meemaws. And the newest Evans addition was there, Cheyanne, the only girl born into the family since me.



A pretty good day for family and pictures as you can see.

One day I'll figure out how to not cut off my pictures...

A little about us...

My name is Naomi. I've been married to Mike for 6 years (this past October). We've got two boys, Logan is 6 and Jackson is one. They are the sweetest kids on earth (most of the time) and an ongoing source of my amusement. I've done a little blogging on myspace but this is my first time on a "real" blog. We'll see how it goes and if I can keep up with it. I'll try to keep this about the fam but I might sneak in some scrapbook/card making stuff if it's something exciting. Oh yea, and cakes too...I make those occasionally also. Keep on coming back!