Saturday, March 21, 2009

House hunting...

For a while now we've been looking at houses online...just to see what's out there. And every week after church we get the boys some donuts and drive around looking for neighborhoods we like and houses that might be for sale. It seems like we've been doing this for so long now and all the while we've been getting our house ready to sell. After a heart to heart with our realtor and loan officer, we finally decided on a price to list at and got everything about as clean and de-cluttered as it's gonna get with two young kids living there. It seems like it's paying off... We put the house on the market last week and today alone our realtor scheduled FOUR showings. I'm so excited and all the while trying to keep my hopes from floating away so high...I feel like our house has a lot to offer a young, new (smaller) family and I know we are ready to move on to a bigger house for us. I know that whatever is meant to be will happen so I'm just trying to hold onto that and stay positive about the whole process, no matter how stressful it gets! Right now there is probably the last couple for today looking at the house. I'm really happy about all the traffic it's getting so soon. I feel like that means we made a good decision about the listing price and all the work we've done. So hopefully, that perfect family has seen our house (or will see it soon) and we can move up and out.

Friday, March 20, 2009

We are officially "on the market"...

Our house is up for sale.

Home sweet home

We had a showing yesterday that went well...and another one today or tomorrow. Our realtor said she's already gotten a few other calls about it too. This is all from just seeing the sign in the yard! Very exciting. I also searched on for houses in our price range, size, and location and I only found three (ours included). Ours is the middle price range, and in my opinion looks a LOT nicer on the inside than the other two. One is a foreclosure and the other one is just junky looking. So I at least feel like all the weeks and weeks of cleaning, decluttering and packing and the crazy huge garage sale were worth it. Everyone that has seen it now asks, "where is all your stuff?" lol Our "stuff" is hibernating in the shed...waiting for it's debut into a new, bigger house. Our forever house hopefully.

So if you know someone looking for a great starter house, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 car attached garage in the Pasadena area (Deer Park ISD) pass it on!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Get it Sold!

Our house is officially on the market! Tomorrow we have two showings so we've been up since the boys passed out getting last minute cleaning done. I'm about to pass out from's hoping our house sells quick and for TONS over the asking price. LOL. I'll post more info and hopefully the link on tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yay! I remembered my password...

So now I can blog again...except that I don't really have anything exciting to say. Maybe later.

=) lol