Thursday, September 24, 2009

One down, 867 to go...

So that piece of furniture I found on craigslist yesterday was already sold. Bummer. is one of the fall projects I've been working on.

Faux Mercury Glass Pumpkins


I got the idea/inspiration from this blog...

I think they turned out pretty awesome. Now I just need somewhere to put them.

Hopefully we can get some landscaping/clean up done in the front yard this weekend so I can show off another project!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Projects in Que

I've been searching all day (in person and online) for a short, long, skinny side table or dresser of some sort for my entryway. The few antique stores and thrift stores I visited were way overpriced. I think I might have found something on craigslist. Now I'm waiting to hear back from the seller. They just listed it yesterday so hopefully they haven't sold it. I'm super excited about it so I'm gonna be bummed if that happens. I'm not even sure if it will work like I want for the space but it's such a good deal that if it doesn't work then I'll use it somewhere else.

When I told Mike about it he asked if this is the last project we'd be starting before we finished the rest of the ones we have?

I told him that was a silly question.

Of course not! lol

I'm hoping to post some pics of one of my finished (semi finished projects) tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A little bit of color

So we've got this huge wonderful new king size bed. My super garage sale find of a sleigh bed frame to lift it up. And some super boring shams the color of the bedspread.


Then last week I was strolling down the clearance aisle at Wally World and found these cute pillows on clearance. Actually I found a whole treasure trove of stuff on clearance...but I'm getting ahead of myself. Here's our new bed after $12 worth of pillow awesomeness!


So I guess I've inadvertently picked the color palette for our bedroom.

I'm in the midst of lots of fall/halloween projects that will be coming soon!