Thursday, March 25, 2010

a Boy and his cup

My son is obsessed with his cup. Not a fancy Star Wars glass, or something with a crazy straw…his athletic cup. He’s 8. Now, I am convinced that boys getting hit in the nubs does not hurt them (as bad as they make it seem) until they are old enough to realize what’s down there. My 3yo falls and jumps on his stuff all the time and never makes a peep…but when my 8yo does it you’d think the world had ended. That’s a conversation I always have with Mike, anyway.

Yesterday, I picked the boys up from daycare and we head straight to baseball practice. Here’s a little snippet of our convo in the car…

Logan: Mom, did Dad put my cup in my bat bag?
Me: I don’t know, do you see it?
L: YES (fist pumping in the back seat ensues)

(knock, knock, knock)
L: Mom I really have to pee. Do you think I could pee without taking my cup off?
M: um, no.
L: But there is a little tiny hole here in the front.
M: No, you have to take it off…that would be pretty messy I imagine.(boys are so gross)
(knock, knock, knock)
L: Man, there’s a lot of stuff you can’t do with a cup on.

Those knocking sounds are him knocking on his cup covered crotch.

He won’t stop knocking on it when it’s on!

He says he needs to wear his cup all the time, especially when he’s playing infield.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WOW Worship

The past two Sundays, Mike and I volunteered to run the WOW Worship program at our Church. It’s the children’s program that runs during church service. The kids go into church with their parents and then a few minutes in the Pastor invites them all out to WW. I was kind of nervous because it was our first time and I’m not all that knowledgeable about the bible and specific stories/events. But the coordinator, Wendy, did an amazing job at setting it all up for us with detailed instructions and a lesson written out. It was really easy and kind of fun to hear the things that the kids are thinking about God. The first week our lesson was about the Last Supper and then the second week was about Easter. There was singing and I would make a point to ask the kids what they thought about what was going on in the stories. I love kid answers to adult stories.

Oh and talking in front of a group of 3yo-3rd graders is way less nerve wracking than talking to a group of adults…cause seriously, the little ones aren’t paying so much attention to you at all times. lol

Friday, March 19, 2010

Questions for Moms/Parents

I went to the Houston Rodeo and saw the Black Eyed Peas last night. I'll be the first one to tell you that this is not really my thing. I'm a Country girl to the bone. County as in music, not as in horses and cow shit. But I had a good time. It was fun and exciting probably because everyone around me was singing every word to every song. Seriously? I couldn't understand what he was saying most of the times and they were rappin right along with Will.I.Am. I do have to admit that I think I have a new crush on him. He was so gracious and thankful to all the fans and Houston for having them at the Rodeo. And he was kind of cute (maybe that was the Bud Light). I think I like artists more when they seem humble and thankful to the people who got them where they are...instead of the artists like Kanye who think they deserve everything because they are the awesome. Actually, I think I like/dislike normal people who are like that too. huh, interesting.

Some pics from last night, before it gets deep in here…
Yea, they are crap...I got a nosebleed too.  :)

Anyway, as we walking around the rodeo grounds before the concert I noticed a LOT of kids by themselves. I say kids because I’m old(er) now and they all look like babies to me. Just tons and tons of kids MAYBE 13 or 14 just out there with groups of other kids the same ages and no parents. We live by a big movie theater too and all weekend there are TONS of kids out there and in the Jack in the Box in the parking lot. Just hanging out doing whatever. So I have a question for you that are reading this.

What age did you let your kids, or do you think kids are old enough to go to concerts/movies anything really by themselves with friends only? What about staying home alone or walking to/from school?

My oldest son is 8. He reminded me the other day that he’s only got 5 years until he’s a teenager. *crap* And when I think of him going somewhere like that alone my first reaction is oh hell no! Even the thought of him walking home from school by himself and staying alone until we get there kind of freaks me out. I see kids walking from the Intermediate school by our house. Those kids are between 10-12 walking down busy streets or riding bikes.

Am I just freaking out and overprotective? I work in the legal/law field and I see so much bad stuff happen to all people all the time. Am I letting that stuff get to me and sway my judgements? An I just super paranoid or what? I should mention that it makes me kind of nervous anytime I can’t physically see my children when there are people around. McDonald play places, baseball parks, parks, any place.

Let me just say that we recently moved to a neighboring city that I am extremely more comfortable in than where we came from. We live about 6 blocks from Logan’s Elementary school and the Intermediate he will go to is right next door. I just feel like bad stuff happens everywhere, even perfect towns and I want to protect my kids. I just don’t know when I’m supposed to let go.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Feature

I've been trying to come up with some things to post regularly because seriously, my life is not nearly exciting enough to post daily (or even every other day) about the goings on in our household.  So I'm looking for a few things to post like every Monday, or whatever day just to keep y'all happy.  And to explode your readers cause I know y'all love that.

Enter, Bad Jokes by Logan...

L: Mom, are you smart or dumb?
M: I'm the smartest person you will ever meet.
L: If you have a fish tank, with 8 fish in it...and you take one out.  How many fish do you have?
M: In the fish tank? (I've been tricked like this before)
L: Yea (as he rolls his eyes)
M: uh, 7.
L: NO! You can't just take a fish out of a fish tank, it will DIE!

Yea, he's got a ton of these.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break in Texas

Spring in Texas means one of two things for me...Rodeo Houston and bluebonnet pictures.

Today, we'll be talking about Rodeo.  Bluebonnet pics to come in April.

We took the boys to the Rodeo Carnival yesterday.  I was kind of thinking that it would be hella crowded but it wasn't bad at all.  This was the first year that Jack really got into it and enjoyed a lot of the things we did.  And boy did we do a lot!

The obligatory kids in the Rodeo Clown barrel...

The Petting Zoo...and yes, I stayed outside the pen, that's how I feel about petting zoos.  Yuck!

The boys in a big green tractor (Jack loves this song by Jason Aldean, check it out here)




This boy LOVES the tractors. lol


and Cameros...he thinks these are the coolest cars ever. 


We saw some chickens...and I made Logan do the chicken dance so I could use this to blackmail him later in life.


Jack loved this chicken...the chicken was running back and forth in the pen and Jack was chasing it.


Jack rode his first horse...

And Logan asked me how Cowboys rode horses all the time, cause his crotch hurt after he rode this one. LMAO.

Logan rode his first roller coaster and yes, I was freaking out a little bit inside...even though I rode it with him. 


The boys rode the giant slide...
that's my boys in last

some bumper cars...all four of us were cracking up laughing during this ride

I'm really bad at taking pics of myself, I think my arms are too short. lol

a few more rides...


And then some ice cream to round out the day.



Phew!  I'm tired again just from going through the pictures!

The boys had soo much fun and Logan kept saying how he was really glad we all got to spend the day together.  He's such a sweetie pie when he wants to be.

And we'll just call this Rodeo week for me, cause I'll be going to see the Black Eyed Peas on Thursday!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mad Libs

Remember those games from when you were a kid?  You fill out a list of nouns, adjectives, and other things and then you enter the answers into a story and hilarity ensues.  Last night I went to the book store looking for a book and to pick some out for the boys.  I found some Mad Libs that were related to that new movie, about dragons and vikings.  How to Train your Dragon.  Logan is always telling bad jokes (really bad jokes) so I thought he would get a kick out of these.

He was cracking.up.  I don't know that I've ever heard him laugh that hard.  Kids are so easily entertained sometimes. 

So with that in mind I leave you with Mad Libs.

Body Part
Article Of Clothing

You can find more Mad Libs

Have a funny day!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Rainforest Cafe

Last weekend we went to a birthday party for a friend of ours at the Rainforest Cafe in Galveston.  His name is Brayden and he turned 2.  I was kind of worried about how Jack would react to all those animatronic gorillas and elephants...but he really liked it!  And of course they wanted to buy everything they could touch in the gift shop.  They had a build a bear in the gift shop and Logan has some weird facination with BAB.  I think it's kind of weird for him to want a stuffed animal so bad (especially such an expensive one) but he asks begs for one everytime we are near it.  Anyway, we survived the party, which was kind of hectic and crowded, and made it out of the gift shop with minimal damage.  And no Build a Bear I might add.

Forgive my lack of and crappy pictures.  I've been in a picture taking funk lately and just have barely even bothered.  My flickr is crying over my neglect everyday.


I didn't even want to fix the red eye (that is ALWAYS) on Logan's eyeballs but I knew I would get an earful or at least an eye roll from Becky. lol