Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Feature

I've been trying to come up with some things to post regularly because seriously, my life is not nearly exciting enough to post daily (or even every other day) about the goings on in our household.  So I'm looking for a few things to post like every Monday, or whatever day just to keep y'all happy.  And to explode your readers cause I know y'all love that.

Enter, Bad Jokes by Logan...

L: Mom, are you smart or dumb?
M: I'm the smartest person you will ever meet.
L: If you have a fish tank, with 8 fish in it...and you take one out.  How many fish do you have?
M: In the fish tank? (I've been tricked like this before)
L: Yea (as he rolls his eyes)
M: uh, 7.
L: NO! You can't just take a fish out of a fish tank, it will DIE!

Yea, he's got a ton of these.

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Becky at said...

LOL that kid is too smart for his own good!