Thursday, March 25, 2010

a Boy and his cup

My son is obsessed with his cup. Not a fancy Star Wars glass, or something with a crazy straw…his athletic cup. He’s 8. Now, I am convinced that boys getting hit in the nubs does not hurt them (as bad as they make it seem) until they are old enough to realize what’s down there. My 3yo falls and jumps on his stuff all the time and never makes a peep…but when my 8yo does it you’d think the world had ended. That’s a conversation I always have with Mike, anyway.

Yesterday, I picked the boys up from daycare and we head straight to baseball practice. Here’s a little snippet of our convo in the car…

Logan: Mom, did Dad put my cup in my bat bag?
Me: I don’t know, do you see it?
L: YES (fist pumping in the back seat ensues)

(knock, knock, knock)
L: Mom I really have to pee. Do you think I could pee without taking my cup off?
M: um, no.
L: But there is a little tiny hole here in the front.
M: No, you have to take it off…that would be pretty messy I imagine.(boys are so gross)
(knock, knock, knock)
L: Man, there’s a lot of stuff you can’t do with a cup on.

Those knocking sounds are him knocking on his cup covered crotch.

He won’t stop knocking on it when it’s on!

He says he needs to wear his cup all the time, especially when he’s playing infield.

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Becky at said...

it cracks me up that he's SO impressed by it LOL