Monday, March 1, 2010

Rainforest Cafe

Last weekend we went to a birthday party for a friend of ours at the Rainforest Cafe in Galveston.  His name is Brayden and he turned 2.  I was kind of worried about how Jack would react to all those animatronic gorillas and elephants...but he really liked it!  And of course they wanted to buy everything they could touch in the gift shop.  They had a build a bear in the gift shop and Logan has some weird facination with BAB.  I think it's kind of weird for him to want a stuffed animal so bad (especially such an expensive one) but he asks begs for one everytime we are near it.  Anyway, we survived the party, which was kind of hectic and crowded, and made it out of the gift shop with minimal damage.  And no Build a Bear I might add.

Forgive my lack of and crappy pictures.  I've been in a picture taking funk lately and just have barely even bothered.  My flickr is crying over my neglect everyday.


I didn't even want to fix the red eye (that is ALWAYS) on Logan's eyeballs but I knew I would get an earful or at least an eye roll from Becky. lol


Naomi said...

This was the first post I wrote and then scheduled to go online at a later time. Pretty cool. This could help me with my posting since sometimes I don't feel like writing at all and other days I've got like 18 things to talk about.

Becky at said...

1. you commented on your own blog post. LOL i love it.

2. post aheads are AWESOME for when you're going to be on vacation or something like that. i heart it.


4. the boys are so freakin cute. as always.

Jamie said...

I'm sorta afraid to take my kids to Rainforest cafe. I'm pretty sure naomi would love it but micah would freak out!

I've been in a photo taking funk lately too...which is just NOT like me! Here's to hoping we snap out of it soon!