Friday, February 26, 2010

Baby showers and cake

Yesterday me and some of the gals at work hosted a baby shower for a good friend of ours.  She is having her second child, a boy.  His name will be Colton Dean.  Isn't that cute?  And because my favorite part of blogs are the pictures...for your viewing pleasure.

Some of the decorations (we were working with a conference room at work so we did the best we could)
I cut out all those stars by hand, holy hand cramps batman!


some of the gifts...

"Lock up your Daughters" cuteness.
And...for the hospital bag, after the baby comes.  lol
And the cake.

cake by Laurie,

I found Laurie by chance and thought her cakes looked great.  I was very happy when I picked up the cake and even  happier when I tasted it.  I used to make cakes myself so I know how much work goes into them.  I have found a new bakery for all my cakes from now on.  Thanks Laurie!

Food, punch, cake, friends and cute, sweet baby clothes...what more could you ask for on a Thursday afternoon at work?

Thanks to all the girls that helped. Natalie, Robin, Kris, Tammy, Maria.

And a special thanks to Becky for taking pictures so I had one less thing to do.  My friend who is a professional photographer and had to make do with my crappy point and shoot.  She did the best with what she had to work with.  To check out her real skills hop on over to her website, blog, of Facebook page.


Becky at said...

aw i can't wait to see all the pics even if i DID take them. but omg, after using the point and shoot...i REALLY missed my camera. i'm STILL mad i forgot it. you did great though and it was beautiful and she cashed in!

Drew Watts said...

You have shared good information on the baby shower party. Couple of weeks ago booked a lovely event space around and arranged my cousin’s baby shower party there in budget. Invited all our family and friends for this event and had good time.