Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crafts and LOST

If you are living under a rock (or aren't a LOSTie, how could you?!) and didn't know, last night was the premier episode of the last season of LOST.  I must admit I didn't get into the whole crazy LOST thing until a few seasons in.  But once I did, I went back and watched them all...and was even more confused.  It's that show that you watch and at the end of the hour you have maybe 2 answers to the 100's of questions you had before the show...and then 100 more questions about what when on in that hour!  But I'm hooked and I love it. 

Thanks to the miracle of DVR, I started watching last night about 30  minutes into the first hour (which was a recap of the past 5 seasons).  So I didn't catch up to live TV until the last 5 minutes or was awesome. 

Have I mentioned that I love my DVR?

Anyway, to make myself feel better about neglecting my family and locking myself into the bedroom for 2 hours before the kids went to bed, I decided to work on a project that I've had sitting around stewing for a while.

My parents are remodeling/redecorating their house.  Score for me, because we are getting all the stuff they aren't using anymore.  Much to my husband's dismay when we leave their house with a car load full of "junk" every weekend.  :)

Mom gave me these lamps from their bedroom.


The base is really pretty, it's a kind of yellow/amberish color...and the shade, well, not really my our style at all.  So this is what they turned into.


That's burlap folks.  I've been hoarding all the burlap I can find lately because of all the projects I find online.  So I finally whipped some out along with my trusty glue gun.  I still need to put some trim on the inside of the shade to cover up the edges of the burlap but I couldn't wait to put something on here...since I've neglected the blog for so long lately.

I'm on a house kick lately.  It's about time I got my butt in gear again! 

More projects to come soon!


Becky said...

love the new design! yay! and love the new lamp. you're so crafty. as far as lost goes...well i don't watch LOL

Hattie said...

The lamps look great!

We watched Lost last night and now I'm more lost!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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