Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm on a roll huh?

So all of a sudden this week I decided that I wanted to get some things done around the house because tonight I'm hosting a bunco party.  Tomorrow, Mike is playing Poker at the house with his friends.  And then Sunday we are having people over for the Superbowl. 

The room I'm most focused on is the guest/boys bathroom, because obviously, besides the living room where the TV is at, this will be the most viewed room this weekend.  Here's a pic of the bathroom when we moved in, partially remodeled by the previous owners.


Okay, so I thought I had a better before picture...oh well.

The mirrors are not hung and all the fixtures are that brushed nickel color.  I'm more of an oil rubbed bronze kind of girl myself's what we've done.

This is the light fixture that was hanging in between the mirrors.

With a little help from my new best friend...



It's really hard to get good pictures when you are doing home improvement projects at 10 o'clock at night! 
I spray painted all the cabinet handles/knobs too. 

And the only pics I got of the mirrors are on my phone...bad bad blogger!


We painted the walls a few months ago...Toffee Crunch is the color and I <3 it!

I'm off today to get some rugs, maybe a new shower curtain(even though we don't use this shower/tub AT ALL, but that's a whole other story)...I can't decide if I want to go bold with red or more subtle with a robin's egg blue color as an accent. 


Becky said...

great job photo documenting it all! lol i love it!

Hattie said...

Great remodel! Go red, it would look great in there. Have fun this busy weekend!

Naomi said...

Thanks Becky! Hattie, I'm leaning towards red but I get so distracted by the pretty stuff at the stores and then I can't make up my mind. lol