Friday, September 17, 2010


Tonight I am packing my craft bags and heading to my Mom's house for some much needed girl time and crafty goodness.  I have an large extra bedroom in my house that is my craft room.  I have a ton of stuff that I barely find time to mess with most of the time.  I have packed up the necessities (really, I had to condense it to 4 bags) and I'm hoping to get some stuff made to send with a friend when she does a craft show in November.
my bags
And I just finished these coasters, so next week I'm hoping to put up some more posts of some things I got finished at this party.  Be on the lookout!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jackson, the beginning of baseball

This weekend my baby, my 3 year old, has his first baseball game. Mike is coaching his team. It’s interesting because we’ve been involved in the league since Logan started Tball 5 years ago. But we’ve never had our own team. And Tball-ers at that! They are definitely not known for their long attention spans.

At our first practice, 5 minutes into the warm up time we had a couple kids asking if it was time to go home yet. After a little while I think they got into it and had fun. Jack, of course, being the well mannered and obedient child he always is just ran around doing his own thing half the time. Oh well, sometimes you have to pick your battles huh?

Jack needs a little help on his throwing form...I think he's been watching too much Major League pitching because he thinks that's the only way to throw the ball.

We really need more practice this week but with Tropical Storm Hermine hitting us it looks like that might not happen.  Saturday should be interesting.  Pics to come soon!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My little reader

This weekend Logan wanted to go to the bookstore.  This is the kid I had to bribe last year to read enough to fill up his reading log for school.  So of course we went to the bookstore.  This is what he picked out.  And this is him reading...
He read most of the day...and is over halfway done with the book.  I really love that he found something he loves to read.  I love to read for fun and I hope this is the start of him loving it too.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The long weekend gets even longer...

Mike and I both had a 3 day weekend, which hardly ever happens, so we packed as much into it as we could.  It kind of started Thursday night, when my BFF got us free last minute tickets to the Texans game.  We were close.  This is a pic from our seats, with no zoom.

Then, on Saturday, we celebrated my nephew's first birthday with a party at his house.  The boys absolutely LOVE going over to Aunt LaLa's.  They are staying with her while we are on our cruise in November and every day Logan asks me if it's November yet.  Here's the birthday boy taking a whack at the pinata with the help of Uncle Mike.
And Jack getting in some extra batting practice...
Mike playing with the big kids...

Sunday afternoon we all went over to Mom's for some swimming and BBQing...we had fajitas and all the fixins.  The boys stayed with Mom and Dad Sunday night because we were going to a friend's going away party.  Kim, I am going to miss you sooo much!  The rodeo won't be the same without you...(she's the shorty, 2nd from the left)

When we got to the karaoke bar where her going away party was at, I was telling Mike in the car how much I wished Laura was gonna be there because I hadn't seen her in forever.  And guess who practically attacked me when I walked in the door!  Laura!  She is the blonde in the pic next to me.  It was so good to see her and catch up.  We stayed there for a while and then we went to Big Texas to get some dancing in.  And Ladies and Gentlemen, I met my first online blog friend in real life.  Hattie's blog is one of the first I added to my reader and a fellow Mom to boys (she's got me way beat though, she has 4!).  I recognized her when I first saw her fly past me to groove on the dance floor.  It was really neat to meet someone that I feel like I know just from what she writes on her blog.

When we picked up the boys the next day, we found out Jack had gotten sick at Mom' the middle of the night and all over her and her bed.  eww.  Sorry Mom.  And then last night Logan was up all night puking.  He stayed home from school today to recover and I got to spend some quality time with him watching Camp Rock 2...for the 20th time so far.  So along with the good comes the bad, but that's life right?

All in all, it was a pretty good run of days off. :)