Friday, March 19, 2010

Questions for Moms/Parents

I went to the Houston Rodeo and saw the Black Eyed Peas last night. I'll be the first one to tell you that this is not really my thing. I'm a Country girl to the bone. County as in music, not as in horses and cow shit. But I had a good time. It was fun and exciting probably because everyone around me was singing every word to every song. Seriously? I couldn't understand what he was saying most of the times and they were rappin right along with Will.I.Am. I do have to admit that I think I have a new crush on him. He was so gracious and thankful to all the fans and Houston for having them at the Rodeo. And he was kind of cute (maybe that was the Bud Light). I think I like artists more when they seem humble and thankful to the people who got them where they are...instead of the artists like Kanye who think they deserve everything because they are the awesome. Actually, I think I like/dislike normal people who are like that too. huh, interesting.

Some pics from last night, before it gets deep in here…
Yea, they are crap...I got a nosebleed too.  :)

Anyway, as we walking around the rodeo grounds before the concert I noticed a LOT of kids by themselves. I say kids because I’m old(er) now and they all look like babies to me. Just tons and tons of kids MAYBE 13 or 14 just out there with groups of other kids the same ages and no parents. We live by a big movie theater too and all weekend there are TONS of kids out there and in the Jack in the Box in the parking lot. Just hanging out doing whatever. So I have a question for you that are reading this.

What age did you let your kids, or do you think kids are old enough to go to concerts/movies anything really by themselves with friends only? What about staying home alone or walking to/from school?

My oldest son is 8. He reminded me the other day that he’s only got 5 years until he’s a teenager. *crap* And when I think of him going somewhere like that alone my first reaction is oh hell no! Even the thought of him walking home from school by himself and staying alone until we get there kind of freaks me out. I see kids walking from the Intermediate school by our house. Those kids are between 10-12 walking down busy streets or riding bikes.

Am I just freaking out and overprotective? I work in the legal/law field and I see so much bad stuff happen to all people all the time. Am I letting that stuff get to me and sway my judgements? An I just super paranoid or what? I should mention that it makes me kind of nervous anytime I can’t physically see my children when there are people around. McDonald play places, baseball parks, parks, any place.

Let me just say that we recently moved to a neighboring city that I am extremely more comfortable in than where we came from. We live about 6 blocks from Logan’s Elementary school and the Intermediate he will go to is right next door. I just feel like bad stuff happens everywhere, even perfect towns and I want to protect my kids. I just don’t know when I’m supposed to let go.

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Becky at said...

I think that you make total sense in feeling that way. There is no way in hell Hannah's ever gonna be 12 and walk alone anywhere. Maybe it IS what we do or maybe those parents don't have a clue or it's both. Either won't be til she's 12 or so that she can stay home alone BUT to go to the mall or movies w/o me? Prob high school.