Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sleepy Logan

Two in one day! I've got to catch up somehow...

Every weekday morning I get up before the boys, take a shower, get dressed/ready for work, make lunches and then I carpool to work and my friend, Tracey, comes to pick me up. I usually wake Mike and the boys up sometime around making lunches and walking out the door. This morning I woke everyone up then I was just sitting on the couch cause I knew Tracey would be there any second. Logan comes staggering into the living room still half asleep and I asked him what he was doing (i.e., why he wasn't getting dressed or brushing his teeth). He says, "I just wanted to spend some time with you."

Oh my. I'm really lucky to have kids like I do.

They have their moments when they drive me nuts and get in trouble but man can they make up for it.

And yesterday I was making Logan's lunch and decided to put a little "love" note in his cookie bag. When he got home he told me he really liked his note. And then this morning when I was making his lunch again I saw the little note in there still. He took the note out of his baggie and kept it when he threw away everything else. I didn't expect that, I just figured he throw it all away. That makes me feel like it really meant something to him. I'm gonna have to start doing that more often.


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