Monday, December 21, 2009

Live Nativity and Christmas hayride

Every year our church hosts a Live Nativity play and then a hayride where we drive through the surrounding neighborhoods singing carols and looking at Christmas lights. This year was Jack's first year to be old enough to participate in the Nativity play.

He was so excited about being a Shepherd. Once he got dressed up he was walking around telling everyone, "My name is Jackson, I'm a shepherd." He was so cute!


He has a little bit of a phobia about large animals, dogs, any animal really. So I kept talking to him and telling him that he was going to have to go into the pen with the pigs, goats, chickens, ponies. He said he was okay, he wanted to be a shepherd. So I left Logan in charge of Jack and Peyton and getting them from the inside of the church to the nativity set.

As soon as Peyton saw her Dad she took off for him with Logan chasing behind her dragging her back. So now, they are all walking in line again, and as soon as Jack got to the gate to the pen and saw the animals he stopped dead in his tracks...tripping up the rest of the line behind him. He backed up and started walking away...I had to get up from my seat and stop him. There was no WAY he was going in there with those animals. lol

Maybe next year he'll make it into the pen. :)

Here's some pics from the hayride.



And I just can't decide which group shot is the best...



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Becky said...

LOL they're both funny!