Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Countdown to a healthier me

So yes, this post is about probably the most famous new year's resolution ever. To lose weight. And please don't go to my archives and notice that I probably made the same resolution last year.

This time I have a goal. It always helps to have a goal right?

We just won a free photo session in the bluebonnets in April from my favorite photographer here in Houston <3 ya Sabrina!

She took our family pics back in September and I had these pics taken.

I love the idea, had the pictures printed and just can't stand to put them on the walls because I look so lumpy in them. So come April I want her to redo these(I'm sure she's excited about that) so I can hang the pics and not feel like I'm hanging a picture of a cow next to my kids.

So April 17th. 15 weeks to lose close to 30 lbs? I know it can technically be done safely (2lbs/week baby!) so we'll see if I can pull it off.

Keep your fingers crossed and a random email/message/FB post/Twitter note to stay away from the sweets is kindly appreciated! I respond well to threats.



Becky said...

we can both be up eachother's asses about this because i need to lose AT LEAST 20 but preferably 25-30 by may to fit into a dress i wore 2 years ago. it CAN be done. we can do it. and lol @ looking at your archives. i hate how lumpy i am right now too. i crop my ass out of most pics. or just make sure no one shows it. it's horrible. blame the kids. i know i do.

Naomi said...

Oh definitely, it's all the kids fault...them and their damn placenta ruined me! lol