Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall wreath

So I got another project (almost) off my to do list.

In the midst of all my decor/craft blog reading, I stumbled upon a bunch of fall wreaths and decided our new house needed a fall wreath. So I went to my home away from home (Hobby Lobby) and picked up these things...


And this is how it turned out...




I haven't decided which end is up so I was trying to get some different shots of it.

I hot glued everything to the wreath. I think I'll use some ribbon to hang it on the door. I bought the raffia and wire and I didn't even end up using them.

wreath = $2 (orig $3.99, 1/2 off)
flowers = $10 (orig $19.99, 1/2 off)
yellow babys breath thingys = $3.50 (orig $6.99, 1/2 off)

I looked at some wreaths at HL while I was getting all this and they were priced at $50-$70!


Becky said...

you with your baking and craftiness. i'm in awe!

Sabrina said...

I love the wreath!!! Looks great, gotta love those Hobby Lobby 50% off sales!!!