Monday, June 30, 2008

The power of Prayer...before and after the fact

Something happened this weekend that made me realize how powerful a prayer can be. Most people pray. Whether to God or some other being that your faith has you believe in. You pray for people who are sick or having a hard time. Sometimes you might pray for someone to change their life and open their heart. My Mother prays. She is a woman very strong in her faith and life has thrown a lot at her to build up her faith and make it stronger than she could possibly ever imagine. She has several prayer groups/circles online and in person and tons of people she has never met and continues to pray for. I guess now I see how much prayer can help someone before they even need it.

My brother was in an accident this weekend. He was hit by a trash truck. The entire passenger side of his truck was ripped off along with the roof of the cab. His truck is surely totalled and the only part of the truck not smashed and ripped apart is the drivers seat area where he was sitting. There was no passenger with him physically but there were definitely some angels holding him tight when that truck hit him. My brother doesn't go to church with us and I really don't even know if he prays at all...but my Mom prays for him.

So keep praying for the ones you love, the people on the news, the people you walk past everyday...everyone could use an extra prayer. You never know when it'll come in handy.

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