Thursday, June 12, 2008

Da Wii...

So Logan's birthday party went off without a hitch and lots of fun was had by all. Logan got his Wii from me, Mike, Mom and Dad. And it seemed like almost everyone else got him Wii stuff or money to buy more Wii stuff. So as of now our Wii arsenal includes two remotes, two nunchuks, two wheels and a guitar. We've got Mario Kart, Playground, Super Mario Galaxy and Guitar Hero III to have fun with. And boy have we been having fun. I think Logan's been to bed later than usual everyday this week and then after he goes to bed Mike and I stay up practically all night playing games against each other. It's sooo much fun. Pretty amazing how far technology has come since our days of 2D, pixelated Mario characters.

Since Logan got so much money I didn't think he needed to spend it all, it's kind of ridiculous. So I talked to him about opening a savings account to put his money into. He thought it was a great idea so now my baby has a savings account and is saving for a car. (His words, not mine, I am so not ready for that.) He said he wants a Mini car like Tracey's, he thinks it costs about $200. I guess he still has a lot to learn about the value of money. We are working on that

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