Thursday, April 8, 2010

Did I miss Easter?

Uh no, I just keep meaning to blog about it and then get busy and forget.

The boys and I had an action packed three day weekend. Friday, we drove across town to see a friend of mine and her new sweet, adorable squishy little boy. The boys LOVE babies. And no, that does not mean I need another one.

Jack and Colton

Logan and Colton

I also got my hair chopped and glorified. I’m a blonde again, my Barbie hair is back. (no pics yet)

Then after Logan asking me 18 bajillion times if we could dye our easter eggs I finally caved. They had fun.

Getting creative

Love this color, Logan double dipped

They decided they needed to blow on them to help them dry so we could move on to phase 2, stickers.

Saturday, there was some activities for the kids at our church. The snack was a Resurrection Roll. They took a marshmallow, rolled it in butter and cinnamon/sugar, then wrapped it in a crescent roll…then more cinnamon/sugar. When they were baked and you broke into them they were empty. The marshmallow was gone, just like Jesus in the tomb.

And they were pretty tasty too.

Egg hunting at church

Sunday, we spent the day at my Aunts house and then moved to my Sister in Law’s house were all the kids were.

My mom brought confetti eggs to my Aunts.

Jack and my nephew Gage. Poor fella wasn’t feeling too hot that day.

More egg hunting.

Jack is just getting to where he will jump on the trampoline (but only by himself). He was running around in circles singing “Hosaaaanna, Hosanna in the highest” one of the songs we sang at church that morning.

Right after I pressed stop on the recording he said, “Mommy, I’m getting tired.” Wish I’d recorded just a few seconds longer, because he never stopped moving when he said that.

The boys were covered in dirt and full of sugar by the time we got home. I’d call that a success.

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