Monday, April 19, 2010

My diet kiss of death

Everytime I start a diet.  I start all gung ho, willpower in tact, ready to tackle my fat cells for the last time.  Everything goes well for a few weeks.  Then I start getting the comments.  The nice comments.

"Have you lost weight?"
"You look great!"

Those are awesome and I really appreciate them. 

But they kill me.  Something inside of me says, oh, I already look good.  That one cupcake won't hurt.  Just one more piece of pizza.  And then I'm back where I started, feeling gross, and puffy and fat.

I'm there now, trying to make a sharp U-turn though.  Starting fresh today and going to MAKE myself work out everyday.  At least do something to get me moving.

That's all, just a short glimpse inside my head at the moment.

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JillybeansMommy said...

OH how I understand!! I have GOT to get my act together post-baby. The months are starting to pass by too fast for me to keep blaming it on my preggo-ness.