Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pizza Roll Up Burritos

These are delicious.  Everyone agreed.

I found the recipe here and I made a few changes to mine to get it down to 6pts per serving! (Yeah baby!)

I used these tortillas (a whopping 1 pt each)

And the mozzarella cheese sticks from WW that are only 1pt. (sorry no pic, and I can't find the image online)

I only make 1/2 the recipe because I was short turkey and I didn't want to make a huge serving of a first time recipe.  I also put the cooked onions and green peppers into the food processor to guarantee a certain little picky eater didn't boycott the dish.

Here's the dish on our fancy pants dinner ware (zoo pal plates for those of you w/o littles)


This will definitely be a regular staple in our kitchen.

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