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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hurricane Ike

So the hurricane is over and people are slowly getting their lives back in order and under control. Our house was thankfully spared the brunt of the winds...we had some fence down in the back and a few big limbs thrown across our yard. We've been out of power since the storm and we just found out tonight that it's back on. We've been staying at my parents since Thursday and I love my parents and I know they wouldn't want us anywhere else but there is only so long 6, sometimes 7, people can cohabitat without going nuts. I'd like to say that I stayed up and "lived through" the storm but the truth is I slept through most of it, along with the boys thank goodness. Mike stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG to make sure the boys didn't wake up and get scared. He also went to work yesterday and worked an extra shift on his day off since I couldn't go to work and I'm not really sure how that is all going to work out. There are no words for how much I love him and everything he does for our family. Now, as I see all the pictures and listen and read all the reports of people who survived the storm and the buildings that did not...I'm really saddened by some of the things we have lost.

I know the water in Galveston is disgusting and that some people hate it...but just look at all the history that has now been washed away with the storm surge and thrown back to the land in a big pile of kindling. Just last month me, my mom, my aunts and my meemaw went to Galveston for a girls day. For my Meemaws birthday. She said she wanted to walk on the beach one more time before she was gone. We had a great day. We went shopping at some gift shops, ate at Guidos, drove by all the old beach houses we used to rent during the summers. But our day ran out before we walked on the beach. She said it was okay we'd just do it next year. And now, even if you forget about the fact that Murdoch's is gone and so many other historic places. How can you walk down the beach now and not think about all the destruction and pain?

This was really the first big storm in my lifetime, I was only 4 when Alicia hit. And I just can't hardly bare to see all the things that were lost and how the landscape of galveston, that I've known all my life, will never be the same.

I know all that stuff is material and what I should be focusing on is the fact that (the last time I checked) they found 60 SURVIVORS on Boliver! That in itself is a true miracle after seeing the pictures of what is left there. I think I'll try to focus on that when I think about the stuff we've lost.

Update:  My Meemaw suffered a stroke and heart attack a few months back.  She is slowly recovering and the only thing she lost with the stroke was a little mobility and her speech.  She's already talking much better than she did right after.  We are thankful for that.  And for her birthday this year (August) we are going back to Galveston and will walk on the beach and revisit the newly rebuilt Murdoch's pier.

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