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MySpace blog: 12/19/07

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A few of my favorite things...
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In no particular order, my boys telling Santa what they want for Christmas. Me telling Logan he CANNOT ask Santa for money to buy a Wii. Christmas hayrides singing christmas carols and looking at christmas lights. Bundling up for the hayride because it's so cold. Jackson discovering stuff about Christmas for the first time. My dancing singing Santa Claus. Christmas card pictures. The angel my grandmother gave me. Hot cookies and baking for friends and family. Of course hearing the praises of how wonderful a chef I am! lol Beautiful Christmas lights and Logan being all excited when there is a word he can read in the yard...like Peace, Joy or Jesus. My grandmother's old Santa doll that always reminds me of Christmas when I was a little kid with all my family.

(pictures were inserted here)

And last but not least, our tree. There's no picture of it here but it's full of colored lights and ornaments from my grandmother's tree and from each year we've spent as a family. Logan's ornaments he makes at church. Little frames with pics of the boys every year. I think those trees in the store are beautiful, with all the matching ornaments and trimmings. But I think our tree is the most wonderful, nothing matches, some ornaments are handmade and some are so old they just sit on a branch because the hanger's too old. And most of all the nail that hangs in the back that is only for us, not for show. To remind us what the season is really about. Each thing on that tree reminds me of some memory that I might have forget during the year. And I can look back at Logan's first Christmas picture and be in amazement that the baby in that picture is now the most amazing kid in the world. A few years ago we bought some colored glass balls to fill up the tree and it makes me so happy each year when I can put less of those colored balls on and more of our memories.

Okay, I've got to stop now I'm getting all weepy.
Merry Christmas!!!

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