Thursday, June 11, 2009

Logan's growing up and getting wise to the ways of the world...

A few years ago, we were driving past some of the chemical plants on our side of town. You know the ones where there are random flames and smoke stacks blowing smoke into the air. Logan was probably 4 at the time. As we were driving by one of the plants that was blowing smoke in the air, he said, "Mom look, that's a cloud plant. It's making clouds." Such a cute and funny kid thing to say...I just laughed and said yep, they sure are.

Then the other day we were driving past this same plant and he tells me. "Mom, those plants aren't making clouds. They are putting pollution into our air." Oh my, how he's grown. Mike told him that it was actually just steam so it wasn't really pollution. But man, I'm not ready for my kid to grow up and know about pollution and such wordly things as that. I want him to be a kid and like to look at the Cloud Plants.

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