Monday, June 22, 2009

Round 14 or so with Citihomes and the crappiest realtor on the block...

So once again, just when things were starting to settle down and work out for us good ole Keith Griffin and Citihomes throws a wrench in our plans. I have never in my life had to deal with so many unethical, unprofessional, liars, cheaters and all around crumbags as the people with Citihomes realty.

They still have the survey that we furnished them for our file while we were under contract with them. Our new realtors have been trying to get it back, because it BELONGS TO US.

Everyday Keith Griffin tells her he is emailing it, he was just about to email it, etc. And of course, everything that comes out of his mouth is a straight up, bold faced LIE. Now he is willing to "trade" OUR survey for the citihomes sign. The one that he told us to put out by our garage and he would send someone to pick it up the weekend after we terminated our contract. The one that has been sitting by our garage door everyday for a month since. The one that just "happens" to be gone the one day he says that someone came by to get it.

I keep having to edit and revise my complaint letter to TRAC because everytime he breathes he does something else to try to screw us over and he and Mary Rothenberg don't know how to speak without lying.
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