Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I think we are going to need to pack soon. That's Mike's plan for his day off next week. To pack up the stuff we won't need until after we move. I'm kind of nervous about packing cause I know as soon as we pack something up I'm going to need it for some random odd reason. He said he was going to pack up all my clothes except for 7 outfits, one for everyday of the week. Yea right! He can do that with his clothes, not mine. lol A friend of ours is going to let us borrow his truck too...I'm a little excited about having access/driving a truck again. I know Mike misses his truck and I do sometimes. There is just something about driving a vehicle that no one cuts you off in and that has a horn that doesn't sound like a squeeky toy(the Toyota). Ahh...big trucks.

Better get back to work...on the farm that is.

My newest addiction, Farmtown on Facebook. OMG.

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