Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Logan's 8th birthday...part 2

So Friday night we took Logan to the Astros game as part of his birthday present. Me and him went to the ballpark early to hang out and walk around. He wanted to go play in the Squeeze Play before the game got started so we headed that way. When we got there, there was a cameraman asking if some of the kids wanted to be "Squeeze Play kids" and get to be in video that would play on the big screen in the park. So he taped Logan running the bases and we got to see him waving and running on the huge tv before the game started! He was sooo excited about that...of course I wasn't ready so I just got video of him running away...and I'm so not blogger educated to add a video to this. So, onto the rest of the night.

He got to eat all his favorite stuff at the ballpark, cheese pizza, popcorn, frozen lemonade and ice cream in a helmet. We got to see Carlos Lee hit a Grand Slam (and some lucky punk in the audience won $25,000 because of it)! During the game they will flash people's names across the jumbotron with messages, like Happy Anniversary/Birthday etc. And then we saw this...


After we were done whooping and hollering for Logan's birthday wishes on the screen, the guy sitting behind us gave Logan $5 for his birthday! See there are still genuinely nice people in this world...

We capped off the night with some fireworks after the game...


We had a lot more fun this weekend and this week I'll be frantically getting stuff ready for Logan's birthday party on Saturday.

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