Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

I woke up yesterday morning with a little voice in my head.  I hear Logan whispering, "Dad, Dad, wake up.  It's Mother's day and we have to sign Mom's cards."  I just kind of smiled and pretending to be asleep.  I got up a few minutes later and Logan heard me and brought me the card they bought me.  It was one of those talking cards with the little pink and green guys on it.  They were singing a song that goes, You are so awesome and wonderful, even though we do bad things sometimes we know you still love us.  Then they say they are gonna bake me a cake, and you hear a big boom...then they say, maybe we'll just go out for ice cream.  Logan was cracking up laughing when I read it, and he said, "that's my favorite part, when they blow up the cake."  And he signed his name, Jack's name and Dad.(cause you know he wouldn't wake up)

Then he tried to bring me a card from Mike and I told him to wait and let Dad give me that one.  Turns out he went ahead and signed "Mike" on the inside and sealed it up.  lol

Then we went to church, my brother came and surprised my Mom. (He never goes to church with us) Then mexican food and ice cream. 

We came home and watched The Blind Side (even Logan sat and watched it, Jack fell asleep on the couch)

And then played baseball and played in the sprinkler.


I'm so glad these boys belong to me.


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Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

i bet they're glad they're yours too :)