Friday, May 7, 2010

Show us Your Life: Kids names

Hey, there's a party going on...a linky party.  Over at Kelly's Korner.

It's called Show us Your Life: Kids names.  I found it on my friend Hattie's blog.  She's pretty cool, go check her out...she's got a houseful of boys too.  4 boys!

My boys have pretty special names.  Here are their stories.

When I was pregnant with my firstborn, I wanted a girl.  I seriously wanted a girl so bad that all I thought about were girl names.  I had it all planned out, this baby's name was gonna be Grace Elizabeth.  And then, I had an ultrasound and my little girl had a pecker.  Soo...I had to come up with something.  I love names that come from family.  Names that mean something and are special to the family. 

I have a cousin named Chase.  In 1994, he was 5 years old and loved his father *Uncle Ed* and anything his father loved.  My Uncle was a pilot but his license had expired so he was taking lessons to get certified to fly again.  Chase always wanted to go with him and my Aunt never let him.  He finally begged enough and she relented.  It was January 2, 1994.  The first time he got to fly with his dad.  They were both killed in a mid air collision with another small private plane.  Everyone on both planes was killed.

I asked my Aunt if I could use Chase's name and then Logan Chase was born...


We TTC for almost 3 years before I got pregnant with my youngest son...and again, I thought for SURE I was gonna have a girl.  I wanted a little girl so bad.  Again, I had a girl name all picked out.  This baby's name was going to be Lillian Mari.  Mari was a variation of Mary (my grandmother's middle name) and pronounce like Marie.  I was also worried because Mike had already made me promise that if it was a boy we were using his Grandpa's name as the middle name.  And then I saw another's hard to describe but as soon as I walked into that ultrasound room I had a feeling it was a boy, and then when I saw his little face I didn't care whether that baby was a boy or a girl.  I was just glad he was gonna be mine.  This started a long hard search for a name that would "go with" his predetermined middle name.  It was rough.  Mike's grandpa died before we ever met but he was very special to Mike so there was no doubt he was gonna have his name.  I gave him a hard time about the name but I made sure he had a first name that was cool enough to counteract it...

A few months later, Jackson Earl was born...(now you know why it was so hard)


We tell the boys all the time about why their names are "special". 

P.S.  I was going to post a pic of Chase but I don't have any digital ones, just hard copies.  He was a gorgeous, blonde haired, blue eyes little pistol...just like my two boys.

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