Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Baseball playoffs...2009

So Logan's baseball team made it to the playoffs. Last night was their first game and boy was it a doozie. We won, 11-5. It was a tough game but I'm so proud of ALL the boys for how hard they played and no matter what happened they kept playing hard. There were some iffy plays that got called in our favor and boy, you have never seen adults act more like children then when watching a little league game. The adults in the stands were yelling at the umpires and at the end the coaches were yelling and talking smack to them also.(the other team) Never a good idea. And we play this same team again tonight. Logan got a hit every at bat and ran as fast as I think I've ever seen him run in baseball. After the game he told me that Nathan told him a secret to running faster, you gotta move your arms like this (pumping his arms). I told him it He even slid into a couple bases. He made a couple of really good plays. It was just an all around awesome game. Hopefully, we can pull it out tonight again and go on to the championship round next week. On the way home, we were talking about the game and the different plays. Logan was talking about one kid that missed the ball and I told him that he didn't give up, he came back and got the next ball that came his way...and that's all you can do. Everyone is gonna miss the ball sometimes, you just have to get it the next time, or the next time after that. He said yea, and the #1 rule in baseball is to have fun. We have super awesome coaches to thank for that attitude on baseball. Every game they make the boys want to play and have fun. Isn't that what it's all about? What everything should be about?


Go Sooners!

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