Friday, May 22, 2009

How can you stay mad after this?

So Logan stayed home from school yesterday because he was up sick all night. Towards the afternoon he started feeling better (I know this because he inhaled 2 corn dogs and a ton of chips) so we went to rent a video game. We had to vacate the house for a showing so we took our Wii game and board and went to my Mom's to play and visit. After a few games he started getting pissed off when he was losing, so I told him to stop throwing a fit or the game was getting turned off. I gave him a few more chances and then I got tired of it...and I turned off the game just like I said. This started an even bigger fit of screaming and crying so I just told him to go cool it off and sit at the kitchen table until he was done being ugly.

Then I hear him tell my Mom that he wants to go make me an "I'm sorry" card in her scrap room. So away he goes. This is what he brings me in two seperate trips...


The white puzzle pieces are the first trip...the colored ones are the second trip. Wanna know what they say???


This kid cracks me up daily...seriously.

Oh, and I definitely laughed...but he still didn't play the Wii the rest of the night.

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Becky said...

omg too effing cute!