Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The house

So I've avoided talking too much about this on here for fear that something would go wrong...Friday something went wrong(again) so what the hell?

To understand my full saga of house selling I feel like I need to go back to the beginning so I'm going to just do this list style and throw in some dates the best I can remember.

-March: our house officially goes on the market...online and all, gets lots of showings, lots of attention...everything is starting out great.

-April: first official offer on the table, full price offer, awesome! we snatch it up.

-Good Friday: the day AFTER we accept the offer and the date of the inspection, buyer cancels the offer. She finally looked at the sellers disclosure and freaked out that our house had 2 inches of water during Tropical Storm Allison in 2001. You might remember it, the entire city of HOUSTON was underwater.

-April: still showing the house, still getting lots of traffic...still truckin

-end of April/beginning of May: crazy lady interested, wants to know if there are foundation issues. We have an inspection and of course, there are, $2,000 worth. No problem, we pay to have the work done and get a lifetime warranty transferable to any new owner. Crazy lady is too crazy and asking for tons of little stuff to be done before she even puts in an offer, forget her. Two other offers come in, back and forth, we tell them both to give us their best offer and we will pick one. Offer A comes back and has DEFINITE financing, Offer B comes in about $400 more but is only pre-approved. We choose Offer A because of the financing and start looking for our new home. In the middle of all this, my friend, our realtor changes companies, so now we have a throwdown realtor handling the sale of our house. (and he's a realllll piece of work, let me tell you!)

-May: we look at a house we've had our eye on for a while, over our price range but we are willing to stretch. we make a full price offer and the seller comes back wanting $5,000 more and changes his list price online to reflect that. We pass and keep looking. Find house #2 in nice neighborhood, close to us now so the kids can stay at the daycare we love. Make an offer a little lower than our (new) max so we have room to negotiate...seller is "insulted" by our offer and comes back with a riduculous offer we pass on. Keep looking, keep looking...not finding ANYTHING in the area we want to stay in. Start branching out to Pearland, Clear Lake, after a meltdown I decide that I don't want to move away so we decide to stick it out, maybe stay with the rents for a while if our house sells and we don't find anything in time. Finally, we find the house. Under budget(the original budget, not the inflated one), older home(that's what I wanted), needs a little work but I'm all gung ho and excited about it. Love the area, the seller is desperate to sell and willing to fix everything we ask him to.

-May 8: (close date set for may 20th) buyers for our house do something to screw up their credit score(after they've already paid for an inspection and appraisel on our house)...they don't LOSE their financing but the interest rate jumps up and they decide to cancel their offer. Now they are trying to get their earnest money back because they say they can't get financing...our throwdown realtor says no, you have financing you just don't want to pay for it. So now we wait, push back the close on the new home and hope we can find another buyer for our house.

I know there are positives that I should be focused on...and really, I'm beyond the point of being upset...I'm just indifferent I think. So anyway, since not saying anything on the blog didn't help things go smoothly maybe if I lay it all out there things will start to go our way. I'm convinced this house is the one we are going to buy, but if it doesn't happen it won't be the first time I was wrong.

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