Friday, May 8, 2009


So this past week has been really hard on Logan. I don't know what the deal is but he's gotten in trouble at school and daycare everyday this week.

Monday, he snuck the DS to school and got caught by the daycare teacher. He's been told at least 152 times that he is not allowed to take the DS to school and/or daycare. And he was on blue at school.
Tuesday, on yellow.
Wednesday, on ORANGE!
Thursday, on RED!!

Their school has a color coded conduct system. Everyday the clip with their name starts at green. If they don't get in trouble or get one warning, it stays on green. Two warnings and a conduct mark is yellow, two conduct marks is orange, red is a call to the parents, and purple is a trip to the principals office.

So he was one step away from going to the principal's office. And it was all over a bunch of little stuff that he knows better...playing, and talking, and throwing things in class.

So today his teacher is moving him to another set of desks. So hopefully he can start behaving better.

His teacher did say something that made me feel a little better. She told me that even when he knows he is going to be in trouble he always tells her the truth. She said he knows how to behave and she thinks moving him will help. So we'll see what happens today. He's been grounded from video games (for taking the DS to school) and then grounded from anything fun (for the colorful conduct reports this week) and I told him if he comes home on anything other than green today he won't be going with us to the Astros game on Sunday. I really hope he straightens up because I really don't want him to miss the game. It stinks having to threaten punishments that you don't want to follow through on...but I didn't know what else to do to get through to him.

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