Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Family Reunion in the country

So this weekend we had our annual Johnson Family Reunion in Deadwood, TX. Yes, that is really the name of the town. So Mike, Jack and I left Friday night and my parents left a little earlier with Logan. We got in very late and everyone was asleep so when we woke up the next morning around 9, I went looking for Logan. Everyone was still asleep and my grandpa was sitting at the kitchen table. He said Logan was already at the pond fishing. (the kid has been talking about fishing for 2 weeks and spent all last weekend practicing his casting in the backyard). So I get dressed to go find him and this is what I see at the pond...


Oh yea, that's my kid...the city kid, who couldn't even put all his clothes on before he took off for the "fishin hole". But as the day progresses, I start to hear more stories. The guys that were up all night manning the BBQ pit said it was way before 7 and they heard my grandpa coming up the lane on his 4 wheeler...and then they see a blonde boy running up the lane after him, waving his arms screaming and wearing only underwear and tennis shoes. Thankfully my grandpa made him go back to the trailer and put on some pants. Logan was the talk of the reunion. They all said the apple didn't fall far from that tree! They all knew he belonged to my Grandpa! lol

Oh yea, can't wait to tell the future girlfriends this story.

Both the boys had a blast though...Logan had the record for biggest fish (5 inches) for a long while, until someone caught a catfish. Here's some more pics of the fishing and other shenanigans...

Jack could barely hold the pole up...and he got mad when I tried to help him!



Boy Meets Worm


Logan getting his "catch" off the line...yea, that's a fish. lol


We went ahead and came home Saturday night instead of Sunday morning because the news was talking about a big thunder and tornado storm sweeping through in the wee hours...

Love visiting family and getting away from the city...but definitely DON'T want to get stuck in East Texas!

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